mandag 3. august 2009

Financial Times, Norge og Kulturkampen

Mye Norge-skryt i, endog, Financial Times i disse dager:

The model of capitalism practised in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland is seen by some as one of the few winners of the current economic and financial crisis. From its response to a previous banking crisis to its promotion of women in the boardroom, the Nordic model is piquing interest around the world in the same way as the Japanese style of capitalism did in the 1980s or the Germans’ in the 1960s.

“What is the future of capitalism? In one way or other the answer is to solve these issues that the Nordic model does well,” he says. “The Nordic model has a good bid” to be the best system.

Underlying this is a deep sense of egalitarianism, especially in the education system. Mr Ollila points to the absence of social class as a factor, unlike in the UK and elsewhere: “Everybody can get a good education no matter what your background is. It is not who you are but what you can contribute.” (...) It also extends to the boardroom, where Norway – thanks to a law that fixes a quota for women – has the highest level of female directorships in the world, with Sweden, Finland and Denmark all scoring relatively well too.

You are talking about small, egalitarian countries with good education systems. That hardly applies anywhere else in the world. So you can admire it but replicating it is very tricky.

Men noen ønsker seg noe annet. At vi har et system med likhet, små lønnsforskjeller, et arbeidsliv der arbeiderne sitter i styrerommene og flat struktur med lite hierarki virker provoserende på noen.

Blå tenketanker og blå regjeringer:

Indeed, far from exporting their model to the rest of the world, some Nordic countries are trying to overhaul their economies and import elements of the Anglo-Saxon system. In Sweden, for example, a centre-right government has been in power since 2006 with a mandate to reduce the country’s tax burden – one of the highest in Europe – and make the labour market more flexible.

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